If you are interested in a film training,

In partnership with the city of Créteil (youth services, culture and sports), the Val de Marne Departmental Council, US Créteil (Handball and Football),

the Cinémas du Palais and the association Cinédié are very happy to propose you to "live the cinema"

by introducing you to the cinematographic language and its dramaturgy

as well as all the techniques of the cinema: writing, staging, interpretation, image, sounds, music, editing,

by participating in the cinema workshop "Ciné-feel Borders" 2017

-directed by Stéphane Cazes (director of the film OMBLINE)

- accompanied by a dancer and musicians

-by writing, producing and realizing in professional conditions a series of films on the sport entitled "My dream team"

Film 1 on the Handball (period February to May 2017) / with the youth team 12-13 of the US Creteil Handball

Film 2 on football (period September to November 2017) / with the women's team of US Créteil

2 documentary fictions in musical comedy about the practice of a sport, its game, its technique, its strategies, its team spirit and its dramaturgy to the spectators

Revealing all the work of a club and a coach "for last 5 minutes decisive" ...

Course proposed for Workshop 1 - "Cinema and Handball"

- Thursday 9th February at 10am: discover the film "a dream team" at the Cinémas du Palais

- Thursday, February 23 at 7:30 pm: live a play "The Brothers Karamazov" at the House of Arts in Créteil

-Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 February: film the preparation of the professional team of the US Creteil Hand before his match before the shock against the flagship team, PSG Handball.

- March 1st: live a handball match and capture the match US Créteil-PSG (elite)

-in March: participate in the training of the 12-13 year old team of the US Creteil of handball, "to play and to film to feel this game"

Tuesday 28 March at 6 pm at the Cinémas du Palais: shorts with a meeting with the cinema professions (director, sound engineer, chief operator, sound engineer)

Monday 10 to Friday 14 April: the production workshop (5 days to write and shoot the film)

Tuesday 16 May at 8 pm: evening presentation at the Cinémas du Palais (1st public presentation of the film)

Conditions of participation

- be involved and present at all sessions

- purchase 3 cinema seats at the price of 4euros (12 euros)

We open this workshop to a maximum of 7 trainees.