Saturday 24th and sunday 25th March 2018, 8 teams were involved, 7 films were created during the 3rd European Films Championship Borders (after november and january). Next week, till tuesday 10th april, there will be 3 matches, not 4, because one of the teams stopped during the competition.

Tuesday 10th april : Match 1 - UNFORGIVEN / Révoluptré (Créteil) vs Canarias S (Canarias)

Wednesday 11st april : Match 2 - ALIEN / Badablum (Alfortville) vs Buda K (Budapest)

Thursday 12 th april : Match 3 - MY NAME IS NOBODY / Harmony (Charenton) vs London's bug (London)

The match around the thematic APOCALYPSE NOW is cancelled, the Martha's team wins because Les oiseaux stopped.

I hope you will be a lot to vote like in january, 500 people, around 110 votes by match.