That's it, you can vote for the films matches and be involved in the 2nd round of European Films Championships Borders :

match 3 : thursday 8th february 2018 / 10:00 at 23:00

Révoluptré Vs WQT Vs Canaria's S on IGNORANCE


The vote process is on the blog

1- go to

2- watch the films

3- vote for the film which touch you and that treats the best the thematic

4- for the vote you have to send me a mail

and send me "match n°..., thematic : ................., for me the winner is (the name of the team)......"



Team : WQT


Team : Canaria's S


Team : Révoluptré



1- To help one of Borders' members (Gabrielle) to produce her documentary in Bosnia during the PEACE MARCH 2018, please go to...

2- if you want to participate to the 3rd round of European Films Championship (saturday 24th and sunday 25th March). This round will be open for all Europa Cinemas. Each cinema could build a team and send the inscription before the 10th march 2018. Everywhere in Europe you could buid your own team too. In any case send your inscription with the name of your team, the city, number of participants and ages :

3- Tuesday 27th march at 20:00 in Cinémas du Palais, the 4 winners films of the 2nd round will be show before a special screening (Cinéphilosophy night)

4- Borders' workshop in France, in Nantes, in coproduction with Fabrik Pedaludique, during a big event "Printemps des Nefs", 26 to 29th April 2018 (6 participants)

5- Borders' workshop in Bosnia for the peace March 2018 in Srebrenica "mon équipe de rêve / my dream team", mixing cinema, sports and peace culture, 4 to 13th July 2018 (8 participants)

6- Borders' workshop in Balkans area, through the Ex-Yougoslavia, "the traimovie Ljubljana, Rijeka, Split, Mostar, Sarajevo, Belgrad", 26th july to 6th August(8 participants)

You can send me your questions and inscription at



 A few months away from the 2018 football world cup, why would not the cinema have its world cup at least its European film championship?

1-the European Film Championship is open to 8 Europa cinemas max. from 6 different European countries;
2-each participating Europa Cinemas could build 1 to 4 teams maximum. ;
3-a team is composed of at least 2 people; each team makes their film with their own means;
4-the completed film must not exceed 7 minutes and be subtitled in English;
5-The championship is open to all, from 15 to 60 years old;
6-The European Film Championship takes place in 6 stages:
a- the publication of the matches and their themes is made public on the blog at 19:30, Friday, 23rd March 2018,
30 minutes before the championship launch party held in each room at the same time in the presence of the teams presented by the cinema hall
followed by a preview or a film of the year 2017 of the country of the cinema
b- the production of films by the teams in their cities between Friday, March 23rd at 11pm and Monday, March 26th at 8am;
c- sending films on wetransfer to cinemas in Créteil Monday, March 26 before 10am;
d- upload a match daily to the blog
between Tuesday, March 27, and Monday, April 9, 2018
from 10h to 23h
for users to vote on the blog for the film that has touched them the most
e- tuesday 10th of April: sending of the films of the winning teams to the rooms by wetranfer
f- Thursday, April 12 at 8:30 pm: simultaneous organization of the final with the presentation of the winning films followed by the public vote of each room;
the short films will be followed by the presentation of the 2017 Lux Prize SAMI BLOOD