Hello from the European films championship Borders...Thanks a lot for your 8 films, every team was on time!!!

Thanks to all the teams : Les oiseaux, London Bug, Las Canarias S, Harmony 2, Buda's K, BadaBlum, WQT, Révrolupté

Lost in speed from Budapest, Quintos from Canarias, Heart rate from London, Requiem for a love from Charenton le Pont, La théorie du rire from Alfortville, C'est l'histoire de from Fontenay sous Bois, Le banquet from Paris et Créteil, Ignorance from Bonneuil sur Marne et St Maur.

Don't forget, be ready, the audience will vote only on the blog

-Tuesday 6 February between 10 am and midnight: broadcast of match 1 and vote

-Wednesday 7th February between 10 am and midnight: broadcast of match 2 and vote

-Thursday 8th February between 10am and midnight: broadcast of match 3 and vote

In the Cinémas du Palais

Among of the 4 films which win their match, the choice of the team of Cinémas du Palais will be show during 2 weeks before the feature between 21st february and 6th march

All the films will be show on the big screen on tuesday 27th March at 20:00 just before the "cine-philo night".

Some souvenirs of this special week-end

"We have had a great time working on our project and wanted to send you a little update whilst we edit. We wrote the script on Saturday and filmed it all today, calling in favours from across London for props, actors, and locations. We have a few on-set stills to share with you that I can send on soon. For now, enjoy this photo of our resident Hungarian shooting the “epic Hollywood action car chase” sequence we somehow fit into 48 hours." Jack from London

photo tournage 2

photo tournage 5


photo tournage 6