There are 8 teams which are involved for the 1st round of the European Films championship Our World - Borders, for the last week-end of january 2018, saturday 27 and sunday 28th, 48 hours "to film the world and change it", 50 young people who will create althrough Europe between London, Budapest, Las Canarias and Créteil.

So, now, here are the 3 matches, 2 of them are the matches with 3 teams :

match 1 : Révrolupté vs WQT vs Canarias S (Sirma's team) / the thematic is IGNORANCE

match 2 : Badablum vs Harmony 2 vs Les oiseaux / the thematic is JOKE

match 3 : Buda K (Kris' team) vs London Bug / the thematic is SLOWNESS

To remember the rules

-the films must not exceed 6 minutes;

-the credits of beginning of your films must indicate the following mention: "in the frame of the European championship of films Un Notre monde - Borders 2018, with the support of Cinéma du Palais and Cinédié"

-January 29th before 10am: filming by wetransfer at

The audience will vote only on the blog

-Tuesday 6 February between 10 am and midnight: broadcast of match 1 and vote

-Wednesday 7th February between 10 am and midnight: broadcast of match 2 and vote

-Thursday 8th February between 10am and midnight: broadcast of match 3 and vote

Friday 9th February at 8pm: publication of the 3 finalists

Between Monday 12 and Friday 16 February: the 3 finalist films are watched by the Cinémas du Palais team; the film that will have touched the most will be screened before a feature film for 2 weeks at the Cinemas du Palais.